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Xbox 360 Cyborg Mice Arena 1.5 [Xbox Live Indie Games]

Cyborg Mice Arena 1.5, the virtual training simulator for the Cyborg Mice is a fast paced arcade shooter for one to four players. Shoot training drones, earn money, upgrade your mice, rinse and repeat!

Cyborg Mice Arena features:
* 1-4 local players with classic 2D gameplay much like Smash TV, Geometry Wars, etc.
* lots of unlockable weapons, maps, game modes and mods
* customize your mice with various weapons, stances and fur colors
* powered by the Sunburn rendering engine for eye popping visuals with multiple lighting modes
* original techno soundtrack with disco lights

Check out the video below and prepare to have your mind blown!

Available for only 240 points!

Cyborg Mice Arena on the www


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